Dr G Spot

Released at: July 8, 2021 by Television X
Doctor G Spot has got a very large thermometer and a first class bedside manner... Which may explain why all his patients seem to be raunchy nympho sluts! The doctor is coming... and so are the girls! Lovely Eve is in search of her first orgasm and a friend has recommended Dr. G Spot. She's not to be disappointed! Susanne is a drop-dead-gorgeous blonde. Her white panties are a turn-on for the randy Doc, who soon gets her juiced up! Dr. G's vibrating clit stimulator next does the trick for a lovely brunette, and she rewards him with a nice squirt! Then tasty 18-year-old blonde Jo finds Dr G's ad on her car and hot-foots it to his place for her first ever orgasm... nice! Judy's a dark-haired delight and only 18 years old. She does a sexy dance for the Doc and then he rewards her with the orgasm of her life! "Why should I give you a big orgasm?" asks the dirty Doc. Stunning blonde Yasmine just shrugs, but he steams in anyway! Dark-haired Lara is a beautiful Czech chick who wants help from the randy Dr. G-Spot. "I need more orgasms" she says. So he lubes up his supercharged turbo vibe and takes her on a trip to paradise! The parade of hot cuties continues with the lovely Sylvia. "A big orgasm for me, please" requests the hot babe. The dirty Doc duly obliges with the help of a pink dildo! Amazing solo action with the most beautiful babes around!

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