Released at: August 21, 2018 by MissaX
My stepsister can't resist a present, especially when it has a tag from "Josie's secret admirer." I spent all my Holiday overtime on the most incredible sex toy, it's remote powered, it's a stainless steel egg that pulsates, vibrates, and finds a woman's g-spot deep inside of her vagina. If you have the master remote, you can decide when you want to eject the toy, and my curious sister could not figure out how to get the toy dislodged. She was pushing her fingers deep inside of herself, sweating, moaning, and orgasming over and over when I decided to show myself. I knew she would be too turned on to resist me. She pawed at my pants, trying to get my cock out, but then apologized for her behavior, my hand was inside of my pocket pushing the remote on high every time she thought to resist temptation. She literally ripped my pants off to get my cock. I watched in awe as my beautiful sister eased her tight pussy on top of my cock. I could feel the vibrating toy inside of her, and to my surprise it enhanced my pleasure. My sister's tight pussy was vibrating and pulsating from the toy and my cock. She'd cum and beg for me to dislodge the toy with my cock, and then she'd cum again and beg me for more, "cum inside of me," she purred. I came inside of her and then ejected the toy. As she was coming down from the orgasm she begged for the remote, and I grabbed my pants and ran out of the room. I knew she'd want to play with her egg again, and when I have the master remote, I can assure that she can't help but want to play with me too. Watch the story unfold..

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