English Spanking Classics #37 - Debutante's Discipline & Please Cane Me

Released at: February 28, 2008 by California Star Productions
Jonathan plays a high stakes tennis match against two curvaceous young ladies. To make the game more interesting, he suggests the loser submit to whatever the winner desires. The girls are intrigues. They agree to the terms. But then, it's two against one. They didn't expect to lose. But lose they did. Now they each must take their turn in a game of bare bottomed discipline. To their surprise, the girls find their punishment sexually arousing. Losing isn't so bad after all. Marsha is going for an audition in which her bottom must be rosy red when she arrives. She has a lovely assortment of traditional punishment paraphernalia: paddles, straps, and canes. But her boyfriend isn't around to administer the thrashing. Desperately she turns to her friend, Wendy for help. This sort of thing is new to Wendy, but she is very willing to do her friend a favor. And Marsha's anxious bottom does get very, very red, indeed.

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