Fake Agent UK Presents - Victoria

Released at: December 15, 2021 by Fake Agent UK

As you know I love anal and just the thought of slipping my helmet into a tight brown box gets me well horny. Lately, I've been getting a number of past models coming back wondering why I'd not contacted them. To which I simply say... Anal. Today was no different, a feisty blonde named Victoria came back and I told her the exact same thing. Now it either goes one of two ways... Sometimes a fuck off, or no problem I'm up for a bit of anal. Luckily today it was the latter. Quickly I was reminded of how great Victoria looked, as she has an amazing body, firm arse, and great tits. I wasted no time and set my digits to purpose, delving deep into her arse and pussy. It was tight, oh so tight and I was thinking whether or not I'd be able to actually squeeze my dick in her arse. But after a good bit of pussy fucking I managed to ease it in there. Her arse canal was as clean as a whistle, so I indulged my dirty side by doing a bit of double-dipping back and forth from arse to pussy. This unfortunately turned me right on, which led to me blowing my load all over her arse. No doubt I'll be hearing from her again in a number of months wondering why I still haven't got her any work. Not sure what I'll tell her then?

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