Fantasy Cuckold 2

Released at: March 3, 2021 by Reality Junkies
Sean Michaels comes to visit Julia Ann's home for refinancing purposes. However, her house isnt the only thing he ends up checking out. Jessica is sick and tired of her loser husband moping around the house all day, so when he takes a nap she sneaks out and brings home a big black cock to fuck right in front of him. Kit Mercer teaches her stepson a lesson by letting him watch her fuck, Officer Echo. Showing him how a real man behaves! Ryder has been dying to hook up with Moe for ages now, and when she finally gets him home she won't let her loser husband stop her from fucking him like there is no tomorrow.

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Scene1: 00:01:32 - 00:26:51 (25:19)

Scene2: 00:26:53 - 00:56:50 (29:57)


Kit Mercer

Scene3: 00:56:52 - 01:22:02 (25:10)


Julia Ann

Scene4: 01:22:04 - 01:46:03 (23:59)


Ryder Skye