Females in Furs

Released at: April 2, 2017 by Mr. Skin
A woman in a fur coat is a sight to see. It really is quite an eyeful when she's not wearing anything underneath her furry and fuzzy frock. Hollywood is full of females wearing furs, so Mr. Skin has compiled a playlist of scenes of some of the hottest actresses wearing fur coats. Thankfully for us, the coat doesn't stay on long, and we get a look at some funbags, butt, and some real below-the-belt fur. Skinjoy! Viva Bianca opens up and shows complete nudity in Spartacus, Julian Wells shucks her mink to bare T&A in Undefeated, Holly Madison gives a three B performance in The Girls Next Door, Anita Dark gives us rack and rub in The Passion of Fashion, Lara Flynn Boyle goes boobs and butt out for a skinny dip in Insatiable, Anne Grete Nissen gives her dude an eyeful when she shucks her fur in Mazurka p? sengekanten, Natasha Henstridge drops her coat to thrill her dude with her lingerie-clad body in Widow on the Hill, Cathy Rosier woos her dude with her nip-tastic boobs and a little rump in Love by Appointment, Kim Feeney makes with her mams in a steamy bedroom scene in The Hunger, Anne van de Ven gives us a full-frontal lashing in Venus in Furs, Jenny Agutter brings out all three B's in Logan's Run, Vibeke Knudsen teases her boobs and furburger on the beach in Madame Claude, Brigitte De Borghese is topless, wearing see-through panties in The Sidewalks of Bangkok, Ang?le Coutu teases some tail in a photoshoot in Snowballin', Adriana Vega opens up her coat to show her tatas in Cari?osamente infiel, Leilanie Giordmaina teases her jugs in Locked Down, Cherie Winters wows us with her T&A in All the Sins of Sodom, Brigitte Petronio loses her mink and gives us a full frontal view as she rubs one out on the arm of a chair in La bella e la bestia, Foxy Brown teases her left nip during her performance in Jay-Z: Fade to Black, Joan Collins heats up the back of a limo by flashing her undies in The Stud, and Alexis Bledel is chesty and fleshy on an episode of Mad Men. Those scenes were un-fur-getably hot!

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