Femorg: Megan Carter "Scrumptious"

Released at: May 16, 2018 by Femorg
If puffy nipples are your thing, 22-year-old scrumptious blonde bombshell Megan Carter is most definitely one for you! She strips and masturbates with her fingers, the fairy mini wand and the Hitachi, and even has a nice clit throbbing orgasm! Megan Carter is lying on the couch with her legs slightly parted - she reaches "down there" but we can't quite see what she is doing though. She then pulls her red top down and exposes her small breasts with large puffy nipples! She slips her panties off over her feet next, then reaches back down between her legs to play with her pussy ... we still haven't seen it though! The camera moves up a little and finally Megan's cleanly shaved pussy comes into view. Megan rubs her vulva and clit with one had while the other clutches her small breast and pinches her puffy nipple. She continues to masturbate with her fingers, rubbing her clit, inserting two fingers at a time into her vagina, then rubbing her entire slit. Megan decides to get serious, so she breaks out the big guns ... she fires up the Hitachi, places it firmly on her clit, and instantly starts moaning and whimpering :-). She keeps the big vibrator solidly planted and her legs apart even though it really makes her squirm - she can hardly stand the power of it - it even makes her accidentally fart. Megan just hangs on, keeping the focus on her clitoris until ... and unfortunate camera glitch just as she is about to cum! Ouch. That was really unfortunate. Megan is now wearing just a lacy bra and pink panties (or are those bathing suit bottoms). She takes her bra off, then slips her panties down to her knees as she kneels on an arm chair and fingers her pussy from behind (and she does have a nice behind!). Her moist pussy makes little squishy sounds as she moves her finger in and out of her vagina. Megan pauses to take her panties off completely before resuming her doggy style pussy fingering. When she is sufficiently warmed up, Megan opts for the Fairy mini wand vibrator, cranking it up and immediately rubbing it over her clitoris - still with her round bottom up in the air. She seems to be able to handle the power of this toy a little better than the Hitachi, rubbing it gently over her clit and actually cranking up the power. She puts a knee up on the arm of the chair to give us a better view of her pussy and ass as she buzzes away at her sweet spot until she is satiated. She puts the toy away and fingers herself, spreading her lips for us to see. Megan is comfy on the bed with her nice butt very much in focus. She rolls into a sitting position and releases her small breasts and puffy nipples before taking her top off completely. Going back to lying on her side, Megan fingers her pussy briefly before slipping her tiny thong panties off completely ... she goes back to fingering her pussy from behind, and once again, her vagina makes nice squishy sounds as her fingers move in and out and around it. After giving herself a good fingering, Megan rolls over, props herself up on the pillows and starts masturbating with the Fairy mini wand again - she really seems to like this toy! With her legs wide apart, Megan completely focuses her attention on her clitoris, firmly rubbing it with the head of the buzzing toy in tight circles ... she turns up the power of the vibe and her whimpering goes up in pitch as she continues masturbating until she is done. Once again, Megan shows off her post stimulation pussy and puffy nipples. Standing in front of the arm chair, Megan does a little striptease as she removes her sexy outfit - we first get to see her nice puffy nipples, and then her nice round buttocks as she kneels on the chair again and drops her panties. She really likes fingering herself from behind, and once again we get to enjoy the nice squishy sounds as she does. But Megan doesn't do the doggy style thing for long this time - she gets comfy in the chair and after working her pussy with her fingers for a short while, she turns on the Hitachi and begins to buzz her clit with it. The sensations have her moaning and hissing in no time at all. Then with an "oh my god ...yeah ... oh fuck... ahhh", Megan cums. And with careful inspection, you can clearly see her clit retracting and throbbing rhythmically with this orgasm! Nice!! She puts the toy away and caresses her body as she recovers.

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