Flying High With Rikki Lee

Released at: May 27, 2009 by Antigua Pictures
Flying the friendly skies takes a backseat in this classic sex romp starring some of your favorite adult movie stars from the 80's. This sexy satirical dark humored montage is based around a disgruntle stewardess (yes they were called stewardesses back then) whose bent on revenge after she gets fired. She goes on a mission to blackmail the airline by taking some risqué photographs of her co-workers in some compromising positions. Will her plan fly or will she crash and burn? Check out "Flying High with Rikki Lee" you don't want to be left up in the air.

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Scene1: 00:03:11 - 00:22:53 (19:42)


Scene2: 00:22:53 - 00:33:38 (10:45)


Ron Jeremy

Scene3: 00:33:38 - 00:45:12 (11:34)


Rikki Lee

Scene4: 00:45:12 - 00:51:44 (6:32)

Scene5: 00:51:44 - 00:59:43 (7:59)

Scene6: 00:59:43 - 01:18:10 (18:27)