Foot Worship - Featuring Julia Ann and Logan Pierce

Released at: March 5, 2013 by
Talk about cooking in the kitchen, Julia Ann sets the place on fire. Julia Ann's culinary skills are unusual, producing confectionary creations that are simply sumptuously delicious. In sparkling HD, Julia Ann is mesmerizing as she works her kinky feminine wiles on a smitten, horny neighbor. While her husband is hard at work Julia Ann, everyone's favorite MILF housewife, is home proving that baking adorable little cupcakes isn't her only talent. Julia Ann happens to have the most gorgeous tootsie pop toes with an arch made in heaven and this hot cougar knows how to use them! When her husband leaves for work her 18-year-old neighbor comes by with any excuse to assist Miss Ann in her household activities and each time he's completely seduced and dominated by the beauty of her feet and is then made into Miss Julia Ann's dirty little foot whore! Watch as Julia Ann seductively entraps him into her kinky world of ped perfection, foot worship, foot rubs, toe licking, dirty foot sex and the kinkiest footjob and milking all his cum from his balls! Demanding foot worship administered by a legend!

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