Fun With H2O

Released at: April 28, 2005 by Walking Fish Productions
Fun With H20 pairs up our brightest and most colorful friends, Patty and Pam. It is wet look done with class and a huge dose of humor! In the first scene, they wear classic three-piece business suits at poolside as our lively "prop crew" begins to toss water at them. Eventually it becomes a furious attack, causing the girls to put on scuba masks before they drown laughing at the sight of one another. They end up in the pool swimming and playing with a large beach ball. The second scene finds them tied together as water is slowly poured over them, soaking their expensive eveningwear, which looks absolutely wonderful when wet. After the crew throws giant buckets of ice water at them, they untie themselves and stand on the bench while slowly being hosed down from head to toe. They end up back in the pool for a leisurely time on floats. The third scene begins as the two begin to soak their silk business suits with a mister. But soon "Wild Bill the Renegade Prop Man" adjusts the soaker to make it spray in two directions at once. Patty and Pam revel in its power, allowing it to reach very sensitive places and even turn a small rubber boat into a sensual Jacuzzi. This is a very funny scene as the two soaked girls ponder replacing their husbands with their new toy! They end up in the pool again, swimming and playing with the little boat. The final scene is downright hilarious! The two girls, dressed as classy schoolteachers, line up against a wall as if being arrested by the water hose police! The scene erupts as the blindfolded pair is slowly soaked by what appears to be the viewer, followed by the wet pranks of the Prop Man himself. This very funny scene ends up in the pool as the well-dressed ladies eventually show off their see-through blouses. Patty is a certified scuba diver and swims very well while clothed, and both girls fall and jump into the pool throughout this video. Great clothes on a perfect day, just one of the best, funniest videos we ever produced!

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