Girl Friday

Released at: February 18, 2021 by Lust Cinema
Inspired by Steven Shainberg's "Secretary" film, Girl Friday is a thrilling lesbian psychological drama that explores the intense relationship between a dominant lawyer and her obsessed new secretary. Charlie (Lena Anderson), is a young misfit who gets her first job in a law firm and finds herself obsessing about her new boss, Olivia (Mona Wales), after seeing her masturbating in the office on her first day. When Rachel (Maddy O'Reilly), the secretary that she was replacing, storms in the office a few days later, Charlie discovers the dom/sub relationship that Rachel has with Olivia. This makes Charlie angry and she decides to meet up with Monique (Demi Sutra), an old friend from college who offers her a massage after a few drinks. How far will Charlie's obsession with Olivia go?

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