Girls Under Arrest Season 2: Second Surge - Vol. 1

Released at: July 16, 2019 by Adult Time
After a spectacular first season, Adult Time's first original series is back! Join the team behind Girlsway and Pure Taboo as they cross the yellow tape into stories of misconduct, deceit and bribery. Dutiful officers (Derek Davis, Zac Wild, Jake Adams, Nathan Bronson, Dick Chibbles and Domenic Kane) cruise around in Los Angeles on patrol for citizens of all types going about their mildly delinquent behaviors. They know that they will soon face opportunities to oblige their suspects, using their warped POV, to choose between prison or sex. As the officers, ripe with suspicion and packing some serious heat descend upon their targets, (Katya Rodriguez, Whitney Wright, Gia Derza, Jane Wilde and Bobbi Dylan) they use unbridled domination, and twisted reality to sweeten their crooked cop investigations.

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