Hard At Work 2

Released at: January 21, 2022 by SexArt

It's lust at first sight between gorgeous Alexis Crystal and her colleague Maxmillian Dior, as episode one of Andrej Lupin's erotic series Office begins. Looking irresistible in a tight skirt and shirt, sexy Alexis starts by sharing her coworker's coffee, her flirtatious body language making it clear she wants much more from him. They start to kiss hungrily, and Alexis leads her new friend into a bathroom stall, pulling his rapidly stiffening cock from his pants. She strokes his thick shaft as he tugs down her bra to suck her nipples and slides a hand inside her panties to rub her pussy frantically. Alexis drops to her knees, wraps her lips around Maxmilian's hugely erect cock, and sucks it deep down her throat. He sits on the toilet and she straddles him in reverse cowgirl, bucking wildly as she rides with abandon, her clothing bunched around her waist and his fingers strumming her clit. She sinks down on him balls deep with every thrust, howling with pleasure, so loud he has to put his hand over her mouth. Alexis rises to her feet and leans against the wall as Maxmillian pile-drives into her from behind, tugging on her hair. She kneels to suck her juice from his dick, lavishing the whole length with long licks, then raises one foot onto the windowsill so he can fuck her from behind. Their bodies slam together in perfect synch, Alexis growing more and more excited, until she has an intense orgasm. As her pussy clenches around Maxmillian's thrusting cock, he suddenly pulls out so she can grab it and jerk his hot load out all over the floor. And just in time, as the sound of a slamming door has the horny pair hiding in the stall while they dress hurriedly, pausing to kiss and hug. It's the perfect start to a highly rewarding working relationship...

Gorgeous Elena Vega gets caught snooping on Kristof Cale's computer, as episode two of Andrej Lupin's erotic series Office begins. He's mad enough to fire her, but she changes his mind with an impulsive kiss. Shocked at first, he can't help responding as she unzips his pants and starts stroking his long dick. As she kneels to suck and jerk it energetically, bobbing her head to swallow it all the way down, all is forgiven. He pulls her top up to fondle her beautiful breasts as she rubs his dick against her panty-crotch; she can't resist sucking it again before sitting with her stocking-clad thighs spread wide so he can eat and finger her shaved pussy. When she's dripping wet, he feeds his rigid cock inside her, making her gasp with delight as he slides into her slow and steady. She braces her feet on his chest so he can increase the intensity of his thrusts, driving her wild. Kristof sits so Elena can straddle him in cowgirl, leaning back and riding hard. He grabs her hips and rocks her back and forth so she grinds on him, moaning with pleasure. They stand and he plows into her from behind, holding her steady as he jackhammers into her, until she shakes with a powerful orgasm. He fucks her through it, pulling out at the last moment so she can jerk his load out over her heaving breasts. It's a creative -- and highly enjoyable -- way to restore harmony to their working relationship.

Sexy brunette Elena Vega daydreams at work, fantasizing about her studly boss Maxmilian Dior. As Andrej Lupin's amusing and arousing Real About You begins, Elena is so distracted by her dirty thoughts that she gets in trouble for neglecting her work. At home, in bed, she has all the time in the world to enjoy her fantasies, her hands under the covers, stroking herself... Or are they fantasies? Suddenly, Maxmilian's head pops up from beneath the sheets. They kiss avidly, Maxmilian caressing Elena's beautiful breasts as he grinds against her. He eats and finger-bangs her shaved pussy, spreading her open and sucking her clit, making her writhe with pleasure. She's at boiling point as he thrusts his hard prick inside her, hooking one leg over his shoulder and gazing into her eyes as he fucks her vigorously. Elena's tits shake with each thrust, and she gasps with delight as he pins her to the bed and slams into her. Now she rides him, squatting over his pole, bucking up and down the full length of it, rocking her hips to feel every thick inch. Her climax is intense, the culmination of all her fantasies, and she hops off to stroke him, one hand cupping his balls, the other working his shaft until he shoots his hot load over her breasts. Sometimes dreams do come true...

Gorgeous Miki Torrez doesn't appear too happy about working overtime with Maxmilian Dior at the start of episode three of Andrej Lupin's erotic series Office -- but as the atmosphere grows flirtatious, she jumps in his lap for a passionate kiss. Frantically pulling down his pants, she wraps her lips around his stiff cock, sucking until her cheeks hollow, taking it all the way to the root. Naked except for the skirt pushed up around her waist, the sexy brunette straddles her horny colleague and feeds his thick dick into her shaved pussy. She bucks up and down, her squeals of pleasure increasing in volume as he grabs her ass cheeks and drives into her, while sucking her pert breasts. She switches to reverse cowgirl, riding even harder and faster, her athletic, sweat-shiny body trembling with every thrust, perfect ass rising and falling hypnotically. They switch to missionary, Maxmilian plowing his cock full tilt into her juice-dripping pussy, until Miki is engulfed by an orgasm so intense that she howls and shakes. As she jerks her partner off over her glistening skin, it's evident this is a working relationship they both thoroughly appreciate.

Sexy Katy Rose is instantly attracted to new client Michael Fly, giving him her number as episode four of Andrej Lupin's erotic series Office begins. Cut to them in the bedroom, naked and horny, Katy kissing Michael hungrily and stroking his rigid cock, kneeling to lick his balls and take him in her mouth. She sucks him hard, cheeks hollowing, then straddles him and feeds his erection into her shaved pussy. Michael gropes and sucks the beautiful brunette's perfect breasts as she rides his pole, moaning with pleasure. They move into spoons, Michael banging Katy energetically from behind, jackhammering her until she's quivering with excitement. She strums her clit frantically as his cock plows into her over and over, driving her to a howling orgasm. He doesn't slow his pace though, thrusting relentlessly until he pulls out and Katy finishes him off with a few flicks of her wrist, sending his hot cum spilling all over her tummy and still trembling pussy. As they embrace passionately, it's clear this will be more than just a working relationship.

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