Heavenly Hirsute Laurel

Released at: July 7, 2005 by Winter Publishing, Inc.
This is the first video from Winter Publishing; best known for their magazine "Hair To Stay," and it is quite an endeavor. To capture all the beauty and the simplistic sensuality of a naturally hairy woman is not easy; yet, with "Heavenly Hirsute Laurel", they have indeed succeeded. Shot with an ease and casual grace, we are introduced to Laurel who takes the time to talk to us, explain why she has decided to let her body hair grow, and the sensual delights it affords her. Laurel is a pretty brunette whose bushy armpits are only the beginning of a journey which we found most satisfying. She poses indoors for us; letting the camera cascade across her milky white skin, balanced by very thick pubic hair and inner thigh growth. The trail from her pubic hair to her belly button, as well as the hairs on her legs, does not detract from this woman's erotic appeal whatsoever. This is hot stuff!

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