Released at: June 21, 2007 by ZFX Productions
What happens when you die? The two hapless winos in our story find out in Hellbound. Our first wino, after meeting his untimely demise in a dirty alley, awakens to find himself in a plush bedroom with a gorgeous redhead straddling him. She quickly informs him he is in hell and he can't touch her unless he delivers a sound whipping to her soft ass & firm tits first. One man's hell is another man's heaven! At first, he is a little reluctant, but soon he gets into the "swing of things." Watch as this beautiful demoness struggles against chain and leather bonds as her pink nipples become taut with excitement. Watch her scream in a final outburst of orgasmic pain and ecstasy. Next, you'll join another wino who buys the farm, only to find himself in hell with a gorgeous brunette begging for punishment. First with a huge ball gag strapped between her lips, she does a slow, sexy striptease for our derelict friend as she whips and fondles her own ass, tits and between her succulent tanned thighs. Finally, you'll get to follow a beautiful young blonde lady who also winds up in hell at the mercy of the devil himself, where she is trained to obey and please other hellbound souls. This is one very strange action packed story with a few surprises you won't want to miss!

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