I Fucked The French Baguette Volume 1

Released at: April 20, 2020 by Alex Legend
A couple weeks ago Alexis Fawx was in town so Penny hit her up, it was a Sunday and we were just chilling around, we had the live show coming up in a couple of hours so we thought itd be cool to have Alexis participate and she didnt disappoint. Watch that hot MILF in her green lingerie waiting for a big dick to fuck her. She was ready for it and took every inch of it. As a nice little bonus Penny is filming it and give you some insider comments and she even sucks the dick briefly to taste Alexis pussys of my cock Alison Tyler is always down to have some fun so when my camera guy hit me up and said she wanted to hang out the next day I cleared my schedule and showed up! This was a wise decision cause Alison is a lot of fun! With her huge tits and big ass what else could you ask for? Enjoy watching that hottie worshiping my big french cock and get a big load all over her monster tits! Lily Lane is a hot Latina with tattoos and huge tits. This wouldn't be fair to stop the description like that. She's also a true slut who loves dicks! So watch her have a blast with the French Baguette! She enjoys every inch of it, shoving it in her mouth and her cunt. So don't miss out on a wild wild scene and check this one out! Spoiler alert: she gets rewarded with a huge facial at the end!! Its pretty cool to be dating a Pornstar! Last week Penny told me that one girl she met on set the other day wanted to come over and try out the French Baguette! She said she was coming over the day after so I better be ready to give her the full experience!! So I got a good night of rest and the next day I was ready to take Bobbi Dylan down and all I can say is I sure did! Fucking her was a lot of fun so dont miss out and check it out!

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Lily Lane

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