I'm Yours To Take (French Language)

Released at: February 6, 2014 by Alpha France
Brigitte Lahaie truly outdoes herself in this fascinatingly perverse masterpiece by Francis Leroi. Her husband-to-be wants to turn his blushing bride into a cock craving swinger. What better place to accomplish this task than a cozy bed and breakfast where they serve up sex on a hot platter?! Flanked by actresses as stunning as they are lecherous and exceptional stallions, Brigitte Lahaie offers us her fabulous beauty and tremendous sexual performances in a series of mega-arousing situations including orgies, lesbian trysts, DP's, three-somes and four-ways! You will stand up, pay attention and beg for more much like the enthusiastic spectators at its debut in Paris on April 5, 1978 in ALPHA-FRANCE cinemas.

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Scene2: 00:08:31 - 00:17:44 (9:13)

Scene8: 01:01:10 - 01:06:57 (5:47)