I-Mode - Shinobu Kasagi

Released at: May 3, 2005 by AVBox, Inc.
The movie starts off with a very kinky line: "What color panties are you wearing today?" What a great way to start off a movie, isn't it? Who is this girl in question you ask? It's Shinobu Kasagi! This girl shy hottie will definitely get you hard! Cum join the fun of the popular I-Mode series in this 31st installment! Let's see just how kinky this little girl can get! After the question mentioned above, a deep kiss can be seen soon after. After the kiss, we see her sucking his dick, but this is no ordinary suck off! She sucks his dick as she uses male toys to please him! The sucking is great and the combination with toys makes this scene even more intense! Actually, I never saw this toy before... I want to try that toy out myself! Well at the end the guy cums in her mouth! Before the fuck scene, we can also see some vibrator foreplay. I really enjoyed this vibrator scene because of the way she squirms! There are no mosaics to be seen in this movie which is a definite plus. I highly recommend this movie!

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