I-Mode - Wakana Itsuki

Released at: May 2, 2005 by AVBox, Inc.
Wakana Itsuki is a young - looking girl (of course past the legal age limit) who just can't get enough of men! Yes, this girl wants more than a dick, she wants the whole package! And, did we mention that when it comes to sex, this girl is a bit unusual. Yeah, she does the usual sucking and jerking like any other girls would, but this girl loves to use this jelly foam thing when she jerks off a guy! From her jerking to fucking, you will surely empty your nut bag over and over! From the beginning of the movie, we see her doing the nasty. The first nasty she does is giving the guy some head. After getting him all hard, she will use this jelly foam thing on his cock and jerk him as she sucks on the head of his cock! Man, this girl is just addicted to dicks, but where in the world did she learn her techniques!? Just watching her jerk/suck that cock is making me freaking hot! After pleasing the guy, it's time to please her before the actual fuck! We will see her moan in pleasure as she screams her way to orgasm! After the foreplay comes the fuck scene - and not at any place - the fuck scene is in a locker room! Wow, this is hot from beginning to end!

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