I Need To Pee 29

Released at: April 23, 2015 by Fetish Pays Me
**SCENE ONE:** 1. WHITE JEANS -Caroline Pierce, is doing the pee pee dance behind the counter but she tries to maintain professionalism as she interacts with you. The camera switches back and forth from what you see to what really happens behind the counter 2. BLUE JEANS - Candle Box has a roommate with a vengance as she puts diuretics in her morning coffee. Candle takes the last cup and starts driving to work but the urge to pee suddenly grows so quickly 3. PANTYHOSE & NUDE PEEING - Double wetting with sexy Brookelynne Briar who just can't hold it. So she wets her panties and pantyhose while Daisy trying not to wet her tight white jeans. **SCENE TWO:** 4. BLUE JEANS - Caroline Peirce is trying on tight jeans in the fitting room with a very bursting full bladder! It's a struggle to get the zipper up since it presses on her bladder and she's got to keep her legs crossed. But while trying on the last pair, a big squirt of piss comes out 5. BLUE JEANS - Kimberly Marvel is super desperate for the toilets but Caroline has gotten them lost. Kim is grabbing her crotch non-stop and all of a sudden yells for the car to stop! 6. GREY JEANS - Brookelynne Briar is stopping, grabbing her crotch and crossing her legs to try to keep her tight jeans dry. As she finally makes it inside, the thought of peeing into the toilets relaxes her muscles 7. BLUE JEANS - Ryan Ryder is driving with a full bursting bladder and you don't even hide how turned on you are! She likes that you're horny while she's desperate and tells you hot pants wetting stories while grabbing her crotch! **SCENE THREE:** 8. TAN PANTS - Candle Boxx has with a full bladder which continues to fill. Pee is leaking out into her pants! She wakes up suddenly and tries her best to stumble to the toilet to keep her pants dry 9. NAKED PEEING - Jassie James the pornstar is bound when she wakes up and her bladder is very full too! She struggles and tries to call for help while all helpless in leotards and leggings. 10. LINEN PANTS - Ryan Ryder is wearing super tight pants giving her nice cameltoe crotch. She's in the backyard cleaning and gets lockedout. As her desperation increases so does her frantic crotch grabs! **SCENE FOUR:** 11. WHITE PANTIES - Cheyenne Jewel has been holding her pee all afternoon, waiting for you to come over so she can do the sexy pee pee dance and butt wiggle in her plaid skirt, white panty and sheer hose because she knows how much you like it! 12. SKIRT & PANTIES -Lena Ramon is showing a house today and the last agent that showed it played a prank and locked all the bathrooms from the inside. Well, she's already doing the pee pee dance as she arrived but tries to maintain her composure and professionalism as she hobbles desperately 13. PANTIES & PANTYHOSE - Ryan Ryder was reached the bursting point and has to walk slowly while grabbing her crotch from time to time so she doesn't pee herself. But she realizes she can't hold it until she gets home! It's coming out now! 14. PANTIES & PANTYHOSE - Cheyenne Jewel has been holding her bladder the whole home, eagerly awaiting the relief as soon as she gets to her house! But her car breaks down and the tow trucks are slow today, making her walk to find public toilets. She is hobbling desperately down the road where she ends up pissing her panties, pantyhose and shoes too 15. BEHIND THE SCENES - Nice long & fun BEHIND THE SCENES with the girls saying hi & showing off their pissy soaking wet panties & soaked peed-in jeans

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