I Swallow 4

Released at: October 3, 2000 by Rodney Moore
Six nasty, cum-swallowing scenes: Cutie Pie Charlene is a contestant on "The Swallowing Game." In the make-up room she blows the host and the male hairdresser. They cum into make-up artist Claudia's mouth, and she drools the jism into Charlene's mouth for swallowing. On the show, Charlene gets her pick of three black contestants, so she chooses... all three! The lucky winner drops to her knees and blows three black bones before swallowing all three loads. For an encore she blows the producer and swallows his semen! Teri offers Rodney a blow-job in exchange for a ride to the park for herself and her boyfriend. She blows her guy on the way and swallows his load. At the park she blows, Rodney, who sprays a Rodney blast on her face. Teri walks through the park with goo a-drippin! Casey and Pristine blow Rodney, who cums into Casey's mouth. She drools the spooge into Pristine's mouth, and that little slut swallows it all! Plus 3 more goo-guzzling scenes! 2001 AVN Award Nominee for "Best Oral-Themed Series"

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