I Wanna Cum Inside Your Grandma 11

Released at: December 6, 2013 by White Ghetto
Grandmas are thought to be old and wrinkly and smell of mothballs and Bengay. But these hot grandmas have an appeal that I just can't resist. They've got a softness and a cuddly appeal that I know my hard cock can tame real quick. Man, I just want to stick my cock in them! And not only will I get to play with their floppy tits, and have them take out their dentures and gum my cock, but since they are older than dirt, I can shoot a big, fat, gooey load deep inside their dusty old cooches! I bet they'll be so appreciative that they'll make me their special homemade chocolate chip cookies after I'm all done! Who's kidding whom? These wily mature grannies know how to trade something soft for something hard!

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