I Want to Be a Dream Girl 25

Released at: May 2, 2005 by Dream Girls
Meet Jana (24, 34C-28-34) for a lakeside flash. After revealing how into girls she is, they decide to crash another DreamGirls shoot and get in on some girl on girl action. It doesn't take long after meeting Valerie and Laura for them to start taking off Jana's clothes and getting down to business. Laura and Jana start a heavy make out session while Valerie goes in for some serious pussy licking. And when Valerie says, 'Mm, she's delectable and she's soaking wet!' Jana replies with 'She knows what she's doing down there!' Not wanting to miss out on the action Laura sits on Jana's face for some tongue teasing pleasure and says 'She knows how to lick my pussy.' Back at the DreamGirls house it is time for a quick strip tease. 'I like my nipples pinched really hard!' After getting completely naked Jana finds a comfy couch and pounds her already wet pussy with a vibrator. She puts the dildo in so far she says 'I'm gonna lose it!' Then she spreads her lips for a nice juicy shot! 'Mm, she's so wet!' Then Jana finger blasts her pussy with three fingers only to come again! In the bath tub Jana reveals some of her dirty little secrets. Then Jana lays on the bed and caresses herself as she rubs lotion all over her gorgeous body. Jana can't help herself from pounding her pussy one last time with the glass dildo and comes for us yet once again!

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