I Want to Be a Dream Girl 26

Released at: July 5, 2005 by Dream Girls
We met Audra on the local college campus, and you'll find her to be continuously happy and smiling (22 yrs. 34B-24-36), with the greatest attitude! She tells us " I like to be touched in unexpected places, and my biggest fantasy is to have sex on the beach!" Did you notice her nips?! She loves to play with them as we ask her our shocking questions... "My favorite position is doggy style!" Audra flashes in the parking lot and school campus, and then takes us into the drawing studio in the art department, and masturbates right there in the studio! At the DG house, Audra masturbates with her fingers and a dildo until she cums to a crashing orgasm! While taking a shower, she fingers herself again! Back at the office, she models panty hose, rips the crotch out, and plays with herself again!! If only it were our hands... Don't miss this very hot collegiate.

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