In The Kitchen

Released at: March 18, 2022 by Mature British Lesbians
My good friend Lily May had come to see me and we were soon locked in a passionate embrace after a lot of kissing it was time for a drink so I got a bottle of prosecco from the fridge and we sat down to chat and enjoy a nice cold glass of wine, but we soon had our tits out and were sucking on each other's nipples, I soon had my dress off and lay naked on the table with my legs wide apart and Lily poured a glass of prosecco all over my pussy and licked it off before sliding her fingers deep in my cunt and finger fucking me and bringing me to orgasm, Lily's Turn next and I helped her remove her clothes and just couldn't resist kissing her sweet arse as I removed her panties and burying my tongue deep in her arsehole before laying her on the table and spreading her pussy lips and sucking hard on her clit and fingering her hot wet cunt, I continued teasing Lily's cunt and pouring prosecco over it and licking it off before finger fucking her hard until she reached orgasm and squirted everywhere after which I introduced Lily to a Nice big Cucumber and we climbed on the table and fucked each other with it in the scissors position until we both reached a satisfying climax. Trisha xxx

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