Insatiable - Chiharu Okuna

Released at: May 4, 2005 by AVBox, Inc.
This is one of the hit series that the land of the rising sun has to offer! In this installment, Insatiable, you will see Chiharu Okuna. Her beautiful black eyes are the most unique characteristics of her! Her breasts are perfectly small, and her face... she definitely gets two boners up! From the beginning she blurts out that she loves to be touched right at the clit! Man, you can already tell how horny this girl is! But to our surprise (or not) one little blow at the ear and she starts squirming! Hmm, maybe her sensitive spot is more than just the clit. After sucking on her nipples, she gets pleased by using a rotor and gets some finger action - and just as she's about to cum, the director gives an order to stop. He's not going to let her cum so quick! He gets a new state-of-the-art vibrator to go up her pussy! Boy, she continues to squirm! After that, she gives her male partner a blowjob and the guy cums into her mouth! After that she gets fucked and well...the finish her pussy! Man, just look at that white syrup drip out of her pussy! Makes you get another hard-on doesn't it!?

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