Intense Fetish Volume 811 - Rachelle's Mind Fuck

Released at: January 30, 2007 by Masterlen Productions
Rachelle is brand new and does not know what to expect. She has large natural breasts and is fun, exciting and fantastic. She screams in terror as guest Mistress Debra pays a visit to the dungeon and cuts a big "D" in Rachelle's chest, it is the best mind fuck you have ever seen. This DVD has over ninety minutes of action packed scenes. Mistress Debra and Rachelle get very much into each other with kissing, fondling and licking.

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Scene1: 00:00:30 - 00:33:00 (32:30)

Scene2: 00:33:04 - 01:01:05 (28:01)

Scene3: 01:01:07 - 01:22:03 (20:56)

Scene4: 01:22:04 - 01:46:51 (24:47)