Jean Bardot - Latex Dreams

Released at: April 27, 2005 by FemDomme
Rubber-clad seductress Mistress Jean Bardot has an image to uphold. Her latex must always be in the best condition. Clearly, it is too much for one Lady to keep up with all alone, so She has many volunteers to help keep Her shining. In this video, lucky male rubber slut Todd has the distinct honor of polishing Mistress Jean on Her recent trip to Philadelphia for a photo shoot. He has his work cut out for him because Mistress Jean is a perfectionist. His hands expertly soothe the latex polish over Mistress Jean's tight body while She directs his every movement. This erotic scene is simply not to be missed. We're certain that Todd still gets a lot of pleasure every time he thinks of this day.... Heck, so do we!!

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