Jenna J. Ross Gets Trapped In A Foxx Hole

Released at: March 25, 2015 by Adult Empire Clips
While out hunting (for pussy), curious Jenna J. Ross picks up a distinct aroma and uses her heightened senses to sniff out one very special fox hole belonging to cutie Lola Foxx! Jenna investigates Lola's entire body, beginning with her soft full lips and her erect nipples. She then gives Lola the opportunity to get her all worked up by slowly removing her clothes and savoring every second, both of them knowing that once they're naked the fun will really begin. Jenna can't wait to taste Lola's perfect pussy and wastes no time bathing her clit in warm spit and enjoying a mid-day snack of pussy. Lola takes her time on Jenna, letting her tongue graze every inch of her smooth, pink pussy which drives them into a frenzied 69 session to bring each other to climax.

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