Jerky Bunch, The

Released at: March 8, 2017 by Jerky Girls
THE ENTIRE FIRST SEASON OF THE JERKY BUNCH....ALL SIX EPISODES... THE FAMILY THAT JERKS CONSTANTLY!!!! The entire First Season of the Jerky Bunch is here for you boys!!! You get all 6 Episodes from Season One. Episode One..."The Change" The one where Peter's voice is going through the change as the Jerky Six have a big Competition upcoming. "Episode Two "The Vase". The one where Carol's precious Vase is broken...and unless the guilty party confesses...the weekend fishing trip will be cancelled. Episode Three "The Tattle Tale" The one where Cindy Tattles on everyone...and ends up Milking Her Dad!!. Episode Four "The Safety Monitor". The one where Bobby is the Safety Monitor at his school...but when he tries to lay down the law for his Big Sister Marcia...She Beats-Off the little brat. Episode Five "Kitty Karry-All". The one where Cindy's precious doll goes missing. Cindy Jerks-Off Peter while he is held down by Carol...and Alice, the Housekeeper!! And of course....Episode Six "Marcia Marcia Marcia". The one where Beautiful Goddess Marcia Milks Her Step-Dad!!!! They're all here boys....don't miss this!!

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