Just Between Friends

Released at: July 13, 2021 by Fantasy Massage
It's time for Cadence Lux to get herself in shape and wiht no idea how she can get started, she visits her boyfriend's brother, Ryan McLanne, who happens to be a training Guru. Ryan has no objections to help his little brother's girlfriend cut, but points out her tiny little outfit is not the way to start. Cadence invites him over to her place, so she can change into something a little more appropriate. When Cassidy Banks gets upset by her husband's excessive gambling she goes for a sunbath with her swimwear friend Steven St. Croix, then invites him for a dip in her pussy. It's been some time since best friends Brooke Wylde and Pristine Edge got goether for some girl talk. With great company and great beverages, they discuss how boring Brooke's sex life has become. With her husband Aaron Wilcoxxx always tied up at work and never putting out, Brooke decides to take a massage course to spice up their love life. Blindfolded boyfriend Lucas Frost thinks his girlfriend Kimber Woods is going to give him a massage for his birthday. But really she's planning something else with the professional masseuse Chloe Scott.

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