Justin Slayer Lays Pipe On Susan Reno

Released at: February 26, 2008 by Reno Entertainment
While in Vegas for one of the January Expo's I was able to reconnect with Justin Slayer. Wanting to look good for him when he arrived I wore a short white tuxedo jacket, 6 inch white heels, and thigh high white stocking against my tanned skin. The action got going so fast and furious that I never bother to undress. Just couldn't keep away from each other long enough. From the minute he walks into the room I am all over his huge black tool. As he walks up to me I begin by sucking on and savoring his hard ebony cock. Quickly I was willing submitting to a pounding that reached un-imaginable depths in both my pussy and my ass. Watch as he pulls out of my spread wide open, gaping ass and has me lick clean his dick before he plunges it back deep inside me and the fast nasty fucking continues. He really knows how to use this slut pussy of mine and wait till you watch the anal that we do together. Unbelievable! Every piece of furniture is used as we fuck around the room in just about every position imaginable. This video is definitely rated one of my personal favorites. By the way he thought my glasses looked sexy, so if you watch close you can see me with them as he comes on my face.

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