Lana's Orgasms

Released at: February 15, 2014 by Femorg
Here you are at last, the compendium of Lana's sex treats, "Lana Alone" and "Lana Returns," combined into one unified, feature presentation length movie jammed with ... Lana's Orgasms! These are older shoots and not in HD quality, but are still definitely worthwhile especially when combined into a single movie as we've done here. Lana has a hairy pussy, long brunette hair and she's one horny 34 year old housewife who loves to film herself as shelooks at a porno mag and masturbates! Her pussy gets nice and wet when she has multuple perfect, long, strong, snapping orgasms, too. Now that's our kinda girl ;-)

With a pretty, hairy pussy right in front of us, we see Lana lying back on her bed and flipping through a porno magazine, or two. She likes the visuals and her pussy is glistening wet. Lana's long brunette hair is cascading down, somewhat covering her natural breasts until she pulls it aside to reveal her perky nipples. Lana gently reaches a hand down to her pussy and presses on her clit. She curls her hips upward, still flipping through the magazine. She presses her fingers round and round on her clitoris and rocks out her first, seismic wave orgasm, without making a peep. The wetness is building in her vulva. Lana grabs a greenish pocket rocket and wiggles it on her clitoris in tight little circles. Again, Lana's hips rock upward and her wetness is glistening. With only soft little whimpers Lana cums again, saying, "Oh. Oh. Oh." It's another nice orgasm! She turns off the toy and flips the pages of her magazine looking for just the right spot ;-). Lana fires up the little pocket rocket once more, keeping her favourite imagery from the magazine open in front of her in one hand, and she quickly has yet another orgasm with the pocket rocket! Then she turns the pages of her magazine once more and goes back at it with the little toy. She sets the toy aside on the bed once more while she flips the pages, then places the toy back on her wet, hairy pussy. We see a few pre-orgasmic contractions, then she pasuses again to turn the pages ... She fires up the pocket rocket again, placing it on her clitoris once more. She's getting closer, with a few more pre-orgasmic contractions, maybe even another little orgasm. She pulls the toy away, flipping the pages of the magazine once more. Finding just the right imagery, she presses that pocket rocket firmly onto her clitoris. Lana starts to quiver and rock her hips and then ... she pulls the toy away, turning the pages. Edging 101. Edging. Lana continues "reading" her girlie magazine, then reaches for another. She seems to have an endless supply ;-) The buzzy pocket rocket goes back on her pussy, and we can see the glistening pussy juice coming out of her slit. Lana is looking at the magazine and working the toy. She curls her hips upward, still pressing firmly with the toy. She softly murmurs, "Ah. Ah. Oh." as she enjoys a really big, long, strong, contracting orgasm. She keeps the toy firmly placed for the duration of the orgasm. Then she pulls the toy off her pussy, flipping the pages of the magazine. There's a creamy bead of wetness as the base of her vagina as she lies back continuing to recover.

Lana is back in the bedroom, wearing a grey skirt, that's hiked up around her waist, a striped tank top and black panties. Lana is armed with the remote control for the video camera and adjusts the framing and focus before she pulls off her black panties, revealing her hairy pussy. She picks up a magazine and finger massages her clitoris. She bounces her hips, puts the magazine aside and lifts her feet off the bed as she rubs. She moves the camera in closer to that hairy pussy. Picking up her magazine again, she zooms the camera back out for a full body view. After enjoying the imagery in the magazine, she picks up a silver tipped vibe, moves the camera in for a close up pussy view. There's a bead of moisture pooling at the base of her vulva as she presses firmly with the buzzing vibe, pulling back on her pussy mound. She twitches and starts to quiver, rolling her hips upward. Then Lana rocks out a series strong orgasm contractions as she cums, without barely a sound! Wow! She turns off the toy after she's cum, then uses the remote to zoom back out to full body view as she picks up her magazine once more. The magazine keeps her aroused. She puts one hand down to her pussy, spreading her hairy lips wide, showing off the wetness. She zooms the camera in for a closer view as she dips one finger into the base of her vagina, enjoying and playing with her juicy wet strings, and draping the wet strings down her inner thighs. Lana's pussy is very wet! She flips through the magazine, intently. After a bit of porn looking, Lana fires up the silver tipped vibe once again and moves the camera in for a closer view. Her creamy pussy juice clings to her hair as she works the vibe on her clitoris. It doesn't take long for Lana to enjoy another nice, pussy pulsating orgasm. She barely makes a peep. She reaches her hand around from behind her thigh to dip her finger into her vagina and play with the juices again.

Lana is wearing white cotton panties and a pale pink dress or tank top. She is perched up on pillows and manning the camera herself once more. She pulls the straps of the top down, exposing her perky nipples. She takes off the panties revealing her nice, hairy pussy. She fires up the green pocket rocket, leaving the camera in a full body view, keeping her face in frame. She pulls back on her pubic mound, gently pressing the toy on her clitoris. She lifts her legs up and off of the bed, closing her eyes. Lana pulls one pussy lip to the side, then rocks her hips up, opening her mouth. Mmmmmm. This feels good. With her foot dangling in frame, Lana turns her head to the side, licking her upper lip. There's a bead of wetness forming in her vagina. She continues buzzing her clit with the toy, working it in smal circles until she closes her eyes, licking her lips and enjoying a nice, long, hard, snapping orgasm. Rapid fire contractions! Nice. She turns off the toy and stretches her legs out. Her fingers make their way down to her pussy and she spreads her lips, touching her moisture and wetness. It's not long before Lana turns on the pocket rocket once more. She lifts her feet off the bed, glancing at the camera, then getting the toy just the way she likes it. She reaches a hand around her thigh, spreading her lips apart. She stretches her legs up into the air, checking out her feet. Maybe Lana has a little foot fetish? Either way, that bead of wetness is building at the base of her vagina as she works the little toy on her clitoris again. Curling upward, Lana cums again - another nice, perfectly visible, contracting orgasm! And her clit is sensitive after that one. She sits up, exposing her small, perky, natural breasts to the camera lens. She pulls up her top and the camera fades.

Lana is feeling frisky again - this time while wearing a leopard print skirt. She hikes the skirt up around her waist and we see she isn't wearing any panties. She pulls up her top and bra to expose her breasts. She lies back on the pillows once more and turns on her trusty green pocket rocket. The window is open, so we can hear some far off conversation in the background as Lana tap, tap, taps her clitoris with the toy - I think she's finding the perfect spot. And once she finds it, it's not long before we see her pre-orgasmic twitches and upper lip licking. Without a peep, Lana keeps the pocket rocket pressed into her clitoris. She pulls one lip aside, licks her upper lip, pants and taps the toy. Her nipples are erect, too. The toy is tapped and put in just the right spot - not quite, not quite. She spreads both of her pussy lips wide apart by pausing from the action with the toy. Then she puts the toy back on her clit, separating one lip. She lifts her feet up and off the bed. Wiggle, wiggle. So close, but not quite. Lana puts her feet back on the bed and pulls back on her mound with the pocket rocket just resting on her clit. Oops - the feet are lifted off the bed once more. She closes her eyes and rocks her hips. Her pussy starts to contract as she cums. She keeps the toy on her clit, then takes the toy off - pulsing with the toy for the duration of this orgasm!

Lana is showing off her backside while kneeling on the bed, flipping through her porno magazine. Her nice hairy pussy is uncovered and completely exposed to the camera as she looks and looks through the magazines. After a bit, she uses the remote control to zoom the camera in closer to her bits, then she fires up the silver egg vibrator, placing the buzzer on her clitoris. She presses the toy firmly and to the side, keeping one hand on her ass and pulling her cheeks apart slightly. There are lots of pre-orgasm contractions as she works the toy on her clitoris. Her anus starts to pucker very rhythmically, then Lana pulls her butt cheek to the side as she has a big, long contracting orgasm doggystyle! She rolls back onto her back, remembering to use the remote control to zoom the camera back out to catch her in a fullbody recovery moment.

Lana has her feet lifted off the bed and crossed at the ankles as she exposes her naked, hairy, pussy and bum to the camera. She is flipping through another of her favourite porno magazines. Her grey skirt is hiked up around her waist once more. She turns on her trusty green pocket rocket agin, pressing it onto her clitoris as she looks at the magazine. Her pussy is getting nice and wet as she works the toy. She pulls back on her pussy mound and her legs start to quiver. But she doesn't get there yet. She takes the toy away, closing her legs before spreading them again and putting the toy back on her clit. She takes the toy away again, once more closing her legs. She looks at her magazine for a few moments before firing up the pocket rocket again. She pulls back on her mound, buries the toy in her clit folds and curls her hips upward. Once more she starts to quiver. It's as if Lana is looking into the camera viewfinder to watch herself. She takes the toy away again and goes back at it. And just when I think she's going to cum, she takes the toy away again. Lana clearly likes edging! She closes her legs briefly, then puts the toy back onto her clitoris. Then closes her legs again and turns off the toy ;( She touches her pussy with her finger, then fires up the pocket rocket, pulling back on her mound and burying the toy into her clitoris. She rocks her hips upward, contracting her stomach muscles. She lifts her head up. She's so close ... she is quivering and then - thar she blows! A hard, fast, contracting, snapping orgasm! She really wanted that one!

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