Lecastel's POV

Released at: March 17, 2006 by Digital Sin
Entering the world of POV, Jean-Yves Lecastrel gives you the chance to sit in the drivers seat. Now you are able to give these babes the ride of their lives through the eyes of the ass master himself. And with 7 of the hottest babes, over two hours of scorching sex and a bonus scene. get ready to put your gears in overdrive because this is one feature that will blow you away!

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Scene1: 00:03:03 - 00:29:33 (26:30)

Scene2: 00:29:33 - 01:00:23 (30:50)

Scene3: 01:00:24 - 01:36:01 (35:37)

Scene4: 01:57:29 - 02:32:32 (35:03)