Lesbian Analingus 13

Released at: April 3, 2019 by Sweetheart Video
Sweetheart is back with a brand new collection of sexy, lesbian analingus tales. Brigitte (Charlotte Stokely) and her friends meet up for their weekly Sunday brunch where they share juicy gossip. Brigitte explains how she ran into her ex last Friday, and ended up kissing her. This little story brings back memories (for Sovereign Syre), and it doesnt really amuse her actual girlfriend Jenny (Serene Siren). Will passionate sex help their insecurities? Meanwhile a little vacation for telenovela superstar Karen (Luna Star) and her assistant (Gia Darza) goes downhill. After a long flight, the two women receive bad news that they will have to share the same room and the same bed. Finally, Velma (Alexis Fawx) forgets its her anniversary with her stunning girlfriend, but dont worry she knows exactly how to make sure Daphne (Bree Daniels) will forgive her.

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