Lesbian Cuckold Affairs 3

Released at: May 18, 2022 by SheWillCheat.com

Adira and Marcelo are going to see a therapist to help with their failing marriage. When they arrive the smoking hot therapist Aidra Fox asks Adira if she can step into the other room for a private conversation. After a little bit Marcelo hears some strange noises and decides to go check but he finds the therapist's tongue deep in his wife's pussy. Marcelo is told to shut up and watch as the therapist shows Adira a good time a lets her release her frustrations with some hot lesbian action.

Avery’s husband knows she is cheating on him so he fakes going to work so he can catch Avery in the act, her husband soon finds out though that it’s blonde babe Lilly Bell she is having an affair with. Avery puts her husband’s cuckold ass in his place and tells him to sit and watch as Lilly satisfies her in every way he can’t. He sits and video tapes the whole thing as the girls go wild on each other cumming over and over again, hopefully he learned a thing or two.

Vanessa is frustrated with her hubby; she just found a bunch of porn pics on his phone. Yah he's not cheating on her but he's also not taking care of her sexually so why the pics? Vanessa calls her bestie Kenna James over to vent which soon leads to them reminiscing about some crazy times they use to have; this gets Vanessa so horny she can't help but throw herself at Kenna. The girls are so into pleasing each other they don't even notice when her husband comes in, but he is quickly put in his place and told to sit, watch & take notes as Kenna makes her cum over and over.

Ember wakes up pissed, it was her anniversary yesterday, but her husband got tipsy and forgot. To make matters worse he won't even take the day off to make up for it, instead he hires her a masseuse to give her a massage. But this all backfires when the masseuse that shows up is gorgeous little Asian vixen Vina Sky. Ember can't help herself and starts to get a little handsy which Vina doesn't mind at all; how could anyone not want a smoking hot babe like Ember? When her husband does get home to find the girls going at it like wild animals he is told to F off while Ember enjoys what he wouldn't give her, Orgasms!!

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