Lesbian S/M Debutantes

Released at: April 14, 2009 by A Wizard of Ass
Young and naive, Taylor falls prey to the kinky seductions of the devious Katie, a friend of her sister. Katie takes advantage of her new job as apprentice assistant at a reform school. She lures Katie to her workplace, preying on her curiosity. Then she awes her with all the S/M toys, and makes her move! It starts with a lot of kissing, licking, wrestling and getting undressed. But then, to Taylor's astonishment, gears shift to getting whipped and masturbated - and even having to insert a tampon in Katie's pussy! Next in Taylor's initiation to S/M is learning how to be on the giving end. With a lot of trepidation and giggling, Taylor learns how to spank and whip Katie. To Taylor's incredulous astonishment, Katie is a pain slut who laughs through it all! Among the implements that Taylor learns to use on Katie are a whip, a leather strap that imprints the word "SLUT", a wooden ruler, a cane, a hair brush, a ping-pong paddle and a belt. Next, Taylor soothes Katie's burning butt with ice cubes. Then Katie spanks Taylor OTK and finger-fucks her pussy. Afterwards, some great kissing, licking and masturbation, followed by a sensual shower.

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