Lez Celebrate

Released at: May 12, 2005 by Bob's Videos
Big Boob Lovers Will Find This Film a Mammary Masterpiece! Real estate entrepreneur Vanessa Blue has just closed a deal for Tanya Danielle and her husband Eddie, and calls the lucky pair with good news. She already has some naughty plans for Tanya that have been brewing in her imagination, and when she finds out that Eddie is away on a business trip, she quickly invites herself over for a little celebration. Some champagne, sexy girl talk and a little casual massage start to have the desired effect on unwitting Tanya's hesitations. the fact that Eddie has been away for 3 weeks adds to the buxom blonde's melting reservations, and soon Vanessa is Kissing, touching and arousing her friend to new found passions. After awhile you really can't tell for sure if Tanya is simply "playing the dumb blonde" in order to make Vanessa "work" a bit more for the seduction, since she's obviously enjoying every bit of it. But the result is inevitable...and when these two bomb-shells find each other's true passions and get down to some business, no crease, fold or joy spot is left unsatisfied. these two ladies REALLY like each other and learn how to rock each other's world!

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