Loving Family

Released at: July 23, 2015 by Desperate Pleasures
Bailey Paige ------------------------------ Over the summer I was touring colleges to find one for my last degree. One of the campuses I wanted to check out was near my uncles house so I asked if I could stay a few days. I really wanted to meet a few boys but had no luck! Thankfully uncle Jack was there to save the day! We totally fucked and he came all over my ass! Well, today was my last day staying with him and I wanted to show my appreciation, so when he came in my room to say goodbye I suggested we do it again! Jenni Bliss ---------------------------- My big brother found out I was selling purple crank and threatened to rat me out if I didn't do exactly as he said. I figured he would want money or product but my twisted brother wanted sexual favors! As embarrassing and demented as that sounds it actually turned me on a bit. It turns out my brother is quite an awesome lover and he made me cum a few times before the buffoon blew his semen inside of me. What an idiot move that was since I'm off my birth control. He better keep his mouth shut. Naomi Clark ---------------------------- Mother has been wanting another baby for years but she is unable to conceive. She shocked me by asking me to get pregnant by daddy. That night she started getting frisky on the couch then blindfolded him and he had me take her place. Mother began to masturbate as I rode daddy. Within minutes daddy filled my fertile pussy with a huge creampie. That's when he pulled the blindfold off and was completely shocked.

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