Luscious Lopez Loves Miguel Torres

Released at: May 9, 2018 by She Loves Her Man
Latin lovers Luscious Lopez and Miguel Torres are going to show us how to fuck south of the border. Luscious takes off Miguel's t-shirt and is wowed by his striking, muscular build. She worships his chest and six pack, then pulls down Miguel's briefs. Luscious sucks Miguel giving him a great tongue lashing. She lays him on the bed and straddles him so that Miguel can take her top off. Miguel is a powerful fucker and his favorite position is doggy style, taking in Luscious's incredible ass. Her ass is too much and Miguel shoots his load on her back early. Not a problem for this Latin stud who quickly continues on. After a few positions, Luscious is on her knees and hands while Miguel fucks her doggy style. Once again Luscious's ass makes magic and Miguel Torres shoots a second big load on Luscious Lopez's backside. Luscious lays the exhausted Miguel down and gives him a back rub.

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