M Series Vol. 9

Released at: June 29, 2010 by LBO
Mistakes can happen, but Ashley is not one to take a visit to the wrong sound stage standing up! She immediately goes down on the first guy she sees, in the classic casting couch manner. He happens to be a cigarette model - and she smokes during and after sex - so they both enjoy a nice piece of "ash"! Mmmmm! There's nothing wrong like a big set of headlights to brighten up an evening. And when it comes to golly-whompers, Kira's just can't be beat! (Beaten off to be sure, but never beat). Jeff goes for them in a big way and he shoes his appreciation with a gripping, dripping finale all over them. Making movies is not always easy - sometimes it's hard! And hard is what you'll be when you see Keanna giving her all during her audition for a hot new sex video. You'll be standing up as you watch her accepting the Cum Bros. "Oscars" in all her acceptance receptacles. The show must go on - and you must get off!

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