Mafia Girl

Released at: March 12, 2008 by DORCEL (English)
War of Gangs is raging. The one known as "Crazy Joe" is the most feared among the Bosses of this dark and perverse underworld. His weakness? His addiction for gorgeous and sexually desirable women. He is only ignoring one point: among these beautiful girls, there are infiltrated agents who do not hesitate to play real special games with Joe and experience sexual pleasures. In this poisonous atmosphere, voracious blowjobs, deep penetrations by the holds, and even double penetrations with the most unexpected positions, are succeeding one after another. ~~Mafia Girl~~: A deep introduction in an atmosphere where sex and pleasures are the rules of the game. Love and business affairs become a pretext to incredible hard sex scenes. A new Marc Dorcel production which lead sex and eroticism to their paroxysm!!

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