Martial Arts Mistress

Released at: March 16, 2007 by Lakeview Entertainment
Watch knockout, high impact karate/judo slave abuse by Mistress Gia Primo for 49 action filled minutes. She introduces herself and describes, in detail, your hospitalization from her machinations. A ball busting demonstration on an apple and a perspective from below her lethal size 6 feet end the first scene. On finding helpless slave gary, she proceeds to practically rip his limbs off in submission holds in between harsh punches and kicks. A green bikini showcases Mistress Gia's hard body during much of Her deadly attention to Her male target. Mistress Gia Primo demonstrates Her skills and then removes Her top to explain ballbusting techniques and smash a red swollen apple as if it is your nuts. She orders you down to the floor and gives you an up close and personal view of Her perfectly formed but deadly size 6 feet. She verbally humiliates you mercilessly during your trip under Her toes. Discovering leftover slave gary helpless in the dungeon, Mistress Gia sees a cure for boredom and an outlet for Her itchy feet. She chokes the hefty male with the edge of Her foot and explains She will now attack sensitive pressure points. She makes Her way around different nerve bundles in his body, making him scream. Her steel foot jabs into his right arm at one point and She comes up entirely on the toes to cripple him. She is in a happy place as he suffers. Mistress Gia finishes Her pressure point demonstration by drilling Her elbow into a meaty inner thigh and laughing at the screams. She rises kicks Her practice dummy and then goes into an arm bar submission move and kicks him in the face as his screams fill the dungeon. Choked to sleep and then kicked awake, slave gary finds himself in another arm bar and a choking leg lock sequence. This petite, professional vixen looks sexy and happy and Her years of training show in pain wracked face of the submissive male worm She is breaking. The stunned submissive is kicked while he is down and the edge of a gorgeous size six foot is used to cut off his wind. Several knee drops and body slams later, slave gary finds himself between the deadly thighs of the Martial Arts Mistress being choked into darkness. He regains his senses to find himself with hands bound behind and strung to a chain. He is in perfect position for the harsh belly beating that the smiling Mistress Gia is about to inflict. His shirt is pulled up to reveal the growing redness from high-speed punches. Turning complete in and using Her whole body, Mistress Gia nearly punches this suffering fool through the wall behind him. Mistress Gia drops the bottoms of Her uniform to reveal hard long legs. Side and front kicks rain from all sides and steamroll slave gary. There is nothing he can do but take the beating and hope Mistress Gia does not break anything inside him. He is released, driven to the floor and trampled. The sore and reddened male is then humbled below Mistress Gia's feet and performs foot worship, displaying his gratitude for the pain Her perfect peds have provided. He is then leg locked around his neck and put back to sleep.

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