MaskTV Fantasies: Thanks For Touching My Eggroll

Released at: July 18, 2005 by MaskTV
This month it is our pleasure to present, "Please touchie my Eggroll" When we received this email from Bobby O we were so impressed with his sense of humor, we said, let's bring him in, we must make this sexual fantasy happen. Here is a copy of the original email. "Well, here's my sexual fantasy! Since, I am a Chinese Canadian guy, I will portray a character as a Chinese food delivery guy (me) who's trying to deliver some Chinese food to this ordinary house. As soon as I knock on the door, a beautiful full-figured blond bombshell opens the door, she is half naked with a towel wrapped around her. She has just taken a shower. She then takes me to her bedroom and tries to find some money from her purse to pay for the Chinese food. As soon she bends down to look for her money in her purse in the bedroom shelf, her towel falls onto the bedroom floor. Now, she's naked!!! Not only that, but her money is not in her purse. She's hungry and has no money. Then she starts ripping my clothes off and having sex with me on her bed. While we are having some sex, her girlfriend, another beautiful blond, walks into the bedroom and joins us in bed. Now, there are three of them including myself in the bed! After the steamy sex, I say to them, " Thanks for touching me eggroll!!!! That's my story! Please phone me as soon as possible ok? And from that email we created this month's MASK TV Fantasy.

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