Mica In Pantyhose

Released at: July 6, 2005 by Billie West Productions
Mica shot these clips when she first turned 18 and was a natural brunette; this is before she went blonde. The first clip is a bondage clip with Mica wearing a cute white dress and dark pantyhose. Her capture ties her up then leaves the room, only to come back and fondle her big breasts and takes her pantyhose down to her knees. Next Mica is tied up again but this time wearing a dark skirt with lighter colored hose. She is having a hard time breaking loose and gets really pissed that she cannot get loose. Next young Mica is wearing a red suit with white pantyhose with her hair up sitting on the couch. You know Mica, so off comes the clothes as she strips and plays with her pantyhose. Lots of hairy bush close-ups with Mica fingering herself. Next Mica is on the couch again this time wearing some nude pantyhose. This DVD is a pantyhose lovers delight. This young woman has the legs and ass to really fill out the pantyhose. And with that smile of hers and those young natural breast Mica is sure to please all. Last set Mica is on the couch again wearing nude pantyhose with sneakers. All of these pantyhose clips were taken when Mica first started modeling and before she went to a blonde.

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