Miss Erica

Released at: June 26, 2018 by Jerky Girls
Erica's Back!!! Legendary Original Jerky Girl Erica returns after a 6 Year absence with 6 new scenes!! The Girl that was known as giving "The Best Handjob In The World" returns home. All the boys who had been Beaten-Off by Erica claim that they are "De-Hydrated" when they have their balls emptied by Erica. Upon Her return....Erica promptly takes the all new 20 questions Interview that you guys have sent in to us....and then Erica does what Erica does best....She COMPLETLY drains a boy's testicles!!! This room had to be hosed down after Erica finished with this guy!!! he just kept ejaculating....She just kept pulling it out!!! This is graphic footage of a Girl who knows what She is doing.....De-Hydrating a boy!!!!

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Scene1: 00:00:05 - 00:07:57 (7:52)

Scene2: 00:08:02 - 00:15:16 (7:14)

Scene3: 00:15:24 - 00:21:00 (5:36)

Scene4: 00:21:06 - 00:25:24 (4:18)

Scene5: 00:25:33 - 00:34:22 (8:49)

Scene6: 00:34:24 - 00:42:32 (8:08)