Mom Melanie Hicks Waits for Step Son in Hotel Room

Released at: May 25, 2022 by Step House
After a passionate treesome, Valnetina leaves the house to do the shopping and Melanie and Vince start to talk. It turns out that Melanie is so unhappy with Vince's dad. Apparently he doesn't care about her at all, not to mention he can't satisfy her in sex. Its been forever since they last had sex so Melanie is still down for more fun, this time with Vince only. He feels sorry for his step mom and tries to support her in every possible way. It won't stop on the conversation though, there is a sexual tension between both of them and they both immediately start to feel it. Melanie and Vince start having sex, but they have to hurry up because Melanie's husband and Vince's dad is about to be back home. Do you think they will be done by the time he is back? Check to find out!

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