Mom's Old Red Squeeze Bulb

Released at: February 28, 2008 by Tyler Labs (Beth Tyler)
Amy, who turns out to be one of our most popular models, teams up with Ms. Marilin for a mother/daughter video that has been requested by many of our customers. Marilin hasn't been feeling well and has been afraid to tell her mom. Well, Mom has the remedy! Marilin is summoned into the bathroom where she is placed in a knee-chest position with the most important part facing the good old red squeeze-bulb and us! Over and over Amy fills the bulb, inserts it and squeezes the warm enema into Marilin. Marilin does just what Mom says to do and holds still for the very embarrassing procedure, but we all know that Mom knows best. After completely filling her nice, round, smooth bottom, Mom lets her expel on the toilet.

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