Most Wanted Teens

Released at: June 4, 2021 by Seventeen Productions

Jeanine has been hooking up with an older guy. He has a job as a gardener. Guys with jobs really turn this horny teen on. Especially if they can fuck her at their job. It’s not easy for a teen such as her to get enough privacy to have sex. That’s why it’s important that the guy have some place where they can do the deed. They do more than just have sex. Jeanine sucks his fat cock and he can’t believe it. This guy is actually getting paid by his boss while this teen gives him a blowjob. That right there is better than winning the lottery. He’ll even get to pound away at her teen pussy while on the clock. If that’s not enough, he’ll even make bank while covering his pretty teen girlfriend with creamy semen.

Foxy and her boyfriend go to fast food for a bite to eat. The entire time he can’t take his eyes off of her tits. They’re bulging out of her sweater and look better than any burger the fast food giant serves up. They go back to her place and that’s when things really heat up. They kiss and he catches a glimpse of her wonderfully large teen tits. The most beautiful thing in the world is seeing this teen with a cock in between her lips. After a wonderful blowjob, this busty cutie gets her pussy pounded. Make sure to watch her hop on up and ride his cock. Foxy has a fantastic ass and seeing it go up and down will make your pulse double. After sex, these two take a quick shower and let each other know just how much fun they had together.

Lara’s boyfriend doesn’t know it yet, but he’s not going to eat fruit for dessert. She’s going to offer up her teen body for him to enjoy. How does a teen guarantee that her man will want to have sex? A blowjob always does the trick. She’s not going to go down on him until completion. The goal here is to make him so hot that he can’t turn down her tight teen pussy. Any man in his right mind wouldn’t have the ability to turn down sex with such a gorgeous teen. Just the sight of her naked is enough to make a guy’s cock harder than a diamond. They won’t even make it to the bedroom to have sex. She put him under her spell, and he buckled right there in the kitchen. It’s only over when his cock spews out white stuff like the can of whipped cream did earlier.

Chantal and her brand new boyfriend have a snowball fight outside. These two are true love birds. They’re still at the stage where everything seems so much fun. The fun they haven’t isn’t isolated to just the great outdoors. This is a couple who loves to have some naughty fun inside. A quick hot drink gets them in the mood for something wild. Nothing is hotter than a blonde teen like Chantal. The world discovers this the second she takes off her clothes. If that doesn’t do it, then seeing this cutie with a penis in her mouth certainly will. Are these teens in love or just filled with lust? The love and lust line is clearly crossed the second the hardcore fun happens. A jolt back to reality is what both of these two receive when he busts a nut.

Kristen Sweet and Denis Reed make passionate love just right after being back from a long trip.

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