Mother's Prayer, A

Released at: April 14, 2020 by Girlsway
The fear of god is in our Mommy Kobe Lee. She loves that he will help her however he can, so she makes her plea heard. Trinity has been taken over by some dark force, and Kobe wants to get to the bottom of her new attitude. India and Kendra both know this dark force well, and they know it has the power to change the lives of women from any walk of life. They know that it is a force that when embraced leads to big rewards, and Kobe is going to find that her God is behind it all! When Kobe finally confronts her dear step-daughter Trinity, she finally becomes acquainted with the force, channeling the love and the passion she's held for her dearly departed husband to her budding daughter by having her first sweet, and sensual lesbian experiences. The Dark Force infects Kobe, and she has nothing to do but embrace it's sapphic ecstasy.

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